Spirit Testimony

August 19th, 2012

RG AUDIO 081912

Romans 8:12-27

How do you know you are a Christian? By faith? Yes, you take God at his Word. You confessed, repented, and believed. That is the wonderful simplicity of our salvation in Christ. But Paul wrote the Holy Spirit “testifies with our spirit.” What is that all about? Well, sometimes doubt raises questions about our spiritual status. Then the Holy Spirit comes to our defense: “This is, indeed, a child of God.” And doubt is defeated!

There are times when we need more than faith; we need assurance. In Healing the Masculine Soul Gordon Dalbey states the Greek word paraclete, which Jesus called the Holy Spirit, was an ancient warrior’s term. He described how Greek soldiers went into battle in pairs, fighting back to back, so each could cover the other’s vulnerable side. With this fresh insight, I can tell you the Holy Spirit “has your back.” He is protecting your weakness. Just one of the Spirit’s many ministries to you.

The Holy Spirit does more than defeat doubts. He communes with your spirit.


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