God’s Sin Eraser

August 14th, 2012

RG AUDIO 081412

Romans 5:9-15

In the middle of his trial, the defendant suddenly changed his plea from not guilty to guilty. The puzzled judge asked for the reason. The answer: “When I pled not guilty, I hadn’t heard all the evidence against me.”

You and I have something in common with that culprit. We may not have broken the law of the land, but there is a charge against us: guilty of sin. Sadly, there is ample evidence to convict. Witness No. 1: the Bible. Witness No. 2: our personal “track record.” Our case looks bleak. So, what should we do? Plead guilty, ‘fess up, throw ourselves on the mercy of God’s Court!

God’s response: according to Paul, he “justifies” us by the blood of Jesus. As the holy God, he can’t just look the other way and pronounce us “not guilty.” We’d like that. But sin is serious business. And its atonement is costly. It’s so expensive it required the sacrificial death of Jesus, the Son of God.

There is one requirement for us: our sincere and heartfelt guilty plea!


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