The Greatest Lover

August 13th, 2012

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Romans 3:21-31

The sign along the busy highway boldly declared, I LOVE YOU. No qualifications. No exclusions. Every passerby included. I have a fairly extensive love list, but I can’t match that one. But, wait. Words are cheap, unless they are backed up by deeds. Real love cannot be given in the abstract. So, maybe the anonymous sign creator isn’t the world’s greatest lover after all.

But, I can tell you Who is. It’s the Creator God; the Re-creator Savior. God didn’t just post a sign or send a clever card or speak “sweet nothings.” He demonstrated his love as only he could. God breathed into humans the breath of life; creating them in his own image. Then, when sin corrupted that purity into hopeless depravity, he made the ultimate sacrifice of love: Jesus died for us. Even the worst of sinners!

He made it possible for each of us to have a fulfilling love relationship with him through the Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence.

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