One of the Crazies?

August 11th, 2012

RG AUDIO 081112

John 13:1-17

All of us have daily routines. Part of mine is to read local, national, and international news on the Internet. Some days I spend more time reading the news, some days less. But I almost always run across stories of people doing things I can’t even imagine. A wife hiring someone to kill her husband, teen boys beating their elderly neighbor. Sometimes I walk away from the news terrified! Other times, I feel pretty self-righteous that I’m not like those crazies out there!

That comes to mind as I read Romans 3. This scripture, of course, reminds us of our natural bent to sin and of the need to accept our Savior’s sacrifice. But it also serves as a good reminder not to get self-righteous. Maybe I’ve never robbed a neighbor, stolen a car, or done some of those other things, but I’ve still disobeyed God and needed his forgiveness and salvation. When we walk along in smug self-righteousness, our spiritual pride keeps us from being a good tool for God to use!


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