I’ll Do It!

August 10th, 2012

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John 13:1-17

The disciples had endured a long, hot day. Now they arrived at their destination. Normally, a servant would be waiting to wash the day of travel off their filthy feet–but no servant was waiting.

In leadership training, I was taught, “If there’s a job to be done, get in there and help do it.” That is what Jesus did. He didn’t look around for someone else to tackle the job; he did it himself–even if it made others uncomfortable, even if their feet were disgusting, and even if it was only a temporary fix. After all, even though he was Jesus, the Son of God, washing their feet, that didn’t mean their feet would stay clean! The next day, the traces of his ministry would be gone.

What valuable guidance for us who want to minister to others. Sometimes, ministries we don’t expect appear right in front of us, and most people wouldn’t like to undertake the job. Ministry may be grubby and dirty. And even though we minister one day, we may need to perform the same ministry again and again. But we share in the joy of being like Jesus.


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