August 3rd, 2012

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Titus 1:5-9

While Jon and Anna dated, they also worked together in youth ministry at their church. They loved building relationships with students and teaching them God’s Word.

However, Jon and Anna also had a secret. Through the many months they’d dated, they had resisted the temptation to sleep together. Nevertheless, their relationship was not sexually pure. Too often when they were alone together, their passions and hands strayed beyond the limits they taught the teens they worked with: And the conviction was eating them alive.

“Some people would have said our involvement was no big deal, but I knew our behavior was wrong,” Anna said. “The Holy Spirit seemed to tell me that if I couldn’t make the right choices of completely pure living, I needed to give up my youth ministry because I was living a lie. That captured my attention like nothing else had. It was agonizing, but I had to end my relationship with Jon.”

We may not be in official leadership, but all of us influence others. We all face temptations that can keep us from living pure lives.


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