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July 30th, 2012

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Titus 1:1-4

“God helps those who help themselves.” Hurry, where can we find this famous quote? Well, despite what many people think, it’s not in the Bible. It’s a quote popularized by Benjamin Franklin in the late 1700s.

But it always turns up on those quizzes about what popular sayings are in the Bible and which aren’t. And more people miss it than ever because they’re just not sure what’s in the Bible. When we are confused about what’s in the Bible, truth tends to become, well, rather elusive and wishy-washy.

The focus of Titus 1 is about truth–knowing the truth and presenting the truth. Paul wasn’t the only one called to present the truth to people. Each one of us is. Whether we’re leaders in the church, leaders in our families, or just going about touching others’ lives in our daily circles of friendship and influence, we still affect others. And that’s one of the reasons it’s important for us to remain in God’s Word–so we’ll be able to clearly proclaim the truth that leads to godliness, holiness.

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