God Speaks Clearly

July 24th, 2012

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1 Samuel 28:4-14

When God’s Word is clear, why do we do the opposite? Perhaps it is because we misunderstand God or because we are willful. Saul’s long journey into spiritual darkness blinded him from the guidance and judgment of God. In his desperation he turned to all kinds of things that he knew were in direct conflict with God’s will. One of those was witchcraft! The occult and acts of darkness exist. Any attempt to toy with or lean into these worlds can only bring separation from God. And Saul was cut off from God!

Still, the voice of God can break through any darkness! Amen! His voice can reach anywhere and his Word is clear. Despite that last message of God to Saul, he continued in his violent desperation.

Just as Saul had holy guidance throughout his life we have the same guidance. We must learn from Saul’s sad example. Resist the devil and heed the voice of the Lord.


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