Finding Our Strength

July 19th, 2012

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1 Samuel 30:1-8

First Samuel 30:6a states that, “David was greatly distressed . . .” David certainly had reason for being distressed; the village where he, his men, and their families lived had been destroyed. And all of the families had been taken captive by the Amalekites. In addition to David’s personal loss, his men blamed him–with talk of stoning him.

Sometimes it seems that when disaster hits us, it is compounded by the blame of those close to us. “Why did you allow this to happen?” “You should have known . . .”; “You should have done something to keep this from happening!”

David sought the Lord. First Samuel 30:6b states, “But David found strength in the Lord his God.”

This is an important lesson, whatever the challenge. We must find our strength in the Lord. We can find encouragement from others, and that is helpful; but our strength will be renewed when we wait upon the Lord. In the end we must find our strength in him and his will for our lives.

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One Response to “Finding Our Strength”

  1. Debbie F. Says:

    July 19th, 2012 at 8:39 am

    God had to have directed me here as it was exactly what I needed for what we are going through now and have been for quite some time. No encouragement from others could strengthen me right now. Much of what we are going through is out of my control. It is very easy to become bitter at others but that doesn’t solve anything.

    Often my first reaction in stress is to zone out but more and more I am finding myself turning to God on my knees and in Bible reading. As I regularly spend time in prayer and Bible study my strength is increased! It’s a subtle thing that happens and only when I faithfully turn to him. Under each new stress, as I do this, God lifts and encourages me like nothing in this world ever could. It is not a transient kind of encouragement or strength. It is something hard to put into words. When I find myself walking through the day calmly instead of shaking with fear I know it is because of God. It’s not a brief respite but a foundation of strength and encouragement God is building in me. That foundation is being built on Him!

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