Footsteps In The Dark

June 21st, 2012

RG AUDIO 062112Psalm 118:1-14

It was a night I will never forget. I was a young pastor in my first church. A few months earlier my wife had a major surgery. Her mother had come to care for our one-year-old son. She recovered steadily and soon my mother-in-law headed home. Several weeks later, She awakened me. She was frighteningly pale and in severe pain. I called the surgeon and he quickly came to our house. “She needs surgery immediately,” the doctor said. “I will call the hospital. Get her there as quickly as possible.”

I awoke a neighbor to care for our son. At 3 AM, I found myself sitting in an empty waiting room at the end of a dark corridor. I prayed, but felt very much alone.

Soon, I heard steps approaching. A pastor friend entered. Someone had called to tell him we were at the hospital. We prayed for my wife, then he prayed for me and my son. The surgeon soon reported that the problem had been corrected.

God knows what and who we need at just the right moment: a surgeon, a neighbor, or a friend. He is with us, even in the darkest of nights.


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