Keep Following Him

May 13th, 2012

John 21:20-25RG AUDIO 051312

Soon after I became a Christian and enrolled in college to prepare for the ministry I became a bit confused about the practices of other ministerial students around me. “How could he do that, or how could she say that, and still be a Christian?” I was quick to tell them what I thought of their ways. In short, I felt everyone had to follow our Lord in exactly the same way I was doing it. An older and wiser Christian friend noticed my judgmental attitude. He took me aside and offered this advice, “There will be a lot of things that others will do which you will not understand, but walk in the light that God gives you and don’t be worried about the other person.”

When Peter heard Jesus describe the kind of death by which he would suffer, Peter no doubt wanted to know if John would suffer the same end. Jesus’ words to Peter are for us as well, “Don’t worry about the other person, but simply follow me.”


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