Spiritual Grownups

May 6th, 2012

Philippians 3:12-4:1RG AUDIO 050612

After Paul’s conversion it took awhile for him to sort through the meaning and significance of that life-changing event. However, when it dawned on him that the Holy Spirit was leading him to evangelize the Gentiles he never looked back. He pressed forward as a runner stretching out for the tape at the end of the race. He realized that Jesus had a dream for him, and Paul was going to run “flat-out” to fulfill the commission given to him by Jesus himself.

Likewise, every one of us has a special dream, a unique purpose, whispered into our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Every one of us is grasped by Christ for some purpose. If we open our hearts to the Holy Spirit, he may use a pastor, teacher, or friend to help us understand our purpose as well. When it fully dawns on you the reason why God has you here, throw yourself into that race and make his dream (for you) come true.

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