Under His Command

May 5th, 2012

Philippians 3:1-11RG AUDIO 050512

You could tell a lot about an individual by looking at their checkbook, calendar, and computer history; the way they spend their money and their time. There are other things that could give hints about a person’s life and what he or she thinks is important, such as: the type of pictures, certificates, or awards they treasure. These are all quick ways to find out what is on a person’s mind.

Paul could have wallpapered his cell with the impressive degrees and certificates he had achieved as a, “Hebrew of the Hebrews.” After his encounter with Jesus Paul “bagged” his prior achievements and reputation, he threw it all into the city dump so that he could pursue a deeper relationship with the One he had met on the road to Damascus. When he met Jesus, everything changed. He understood that true righteousness comes through faith in Christ. If we get that right, then the checkbook and calendar will give evidence of a heart under his command.

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