A Sure Investment

April 13th, 2012

RG AUDIO 041312Matthew 25:14-30

When I was young, it was exciting to put some money away in my savings account. The interest made me feel like I was really making money with very little effort. Unfortunately, today my savings account is not so productive. No matter the interest rate, however, the purpose is the same. A savings account is set up to provide benefit in the future.

Jesus told a story about a man who entrusted money to his servants. Two of them looked at the money as an investment for the future. When the master returned, he was pleased with their effort and rewarded them. The third servant gave little thought to future benefits. He took no risks and hid the money away. He allowed fear to overcome faithful service.

As servants of Jesus, we are completely dependent on him. He is generous with his gifts to us. He does ask us to use those gifts for his kingdom’s sake. We are entrusted with the responsibility to serve Jesus now, knowing that our reward will come in the future. Faithfulness to Christ is always a sure investment.

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