It’s Not Fair!

April 9th, 2012

RG AUDIO 040912Matthew 20:1-16

“It’s not fair!” Sound familiar? It is a common phrase among children and teens. The truth is, the sentiment, if not the words, are familiar to adults too. “Why did he get promoted? I do all the work.”

Jesus’ parable could easily be translated into our world. One group works all day and gets paid the same thing as the last few hired who worked a short time. It’s not fair! Jesus is not teaching about fairness. This is one of his many lessons about humility. The first workers grumbled repeatedly about what they were getting paid. The humble don’t draw attention to their own needs or consider themselves first.

Jesus calls the landowner generous. The word refers to his moral character. He is a good man. How much more can we trust our good God to reward us? It is not our place to grumble or proudly report on our own work. Instead, notice those around you who might be defined as the “last” or least. Show them the goodness of God today.

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