Judgment Day

March 25th, 2012

RG AUDIO 032512John 5:16-30

If there’s one sermon topic that stands at the bottom of the popularity list, it’s probably a sermon on the doctrine of divine judgment. It’s much more pleasant to listen to a sermon on being forgiven than a sermon on being judged. Yet the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross was that we may experience eternal life with him. What does scripture tell us about Jesus that enables him to decide our fate on Judgment Day?

·      Jesus can raise the dead to life, just as his Father can (John 5:21).

·      The Father will judge no one. He entrusts that duty to his Son (John 5:22).

·      People who refuse to honor the Son also refuse to honor the Father (John 5:23).

·      People who listen to the Son and believe in him will have eternal life (John 5:24).

·        God has given the Son authority to judge (John 5:27).

·      Jesus will be a just judge because he seeks to please his Father. (John 5:30).

We can’t avoid the Judgment Day. But we can be ready if we listen to and trust in him.

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