Truly You Are The Son of God

March 13th, 2012

RG AUDIO 031312Matthew 14:22-33

Storytellers had relayed myths of ghosts walking on the water. Right before the disciples’ eyes, that myth seemed to become a reality. I don’t know about you, but I would also have been afraid. A man walking on water? That is impossible!

The disciples, overwhelmed with fear, heard the words “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid” (v. 27). True to his character, Peter chose to “bust” the myth when he heard that familiar voice—he stepped out onto the water.

God may test our faith through difficult circumstances. Remember it was Christ who made the disciples to get in the boat. It was Christ who kept Peter from sinking in his temporary lack of faith, and it was Christ who calmed the storm.

The disciples now saw Christ in a different light. Their definition of who and what the Messiah was had been greatly expanded. Their pre-conceived ideas were drastically being changed.


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