Psyche and Soma

February 3rd, 2012

RG AUDIO 020312Psalm 84

Some doctors have said that more than half of all physical illness can be attributed to emotional causes. How we feel about things “in our hearts” may well have more to do with how our body is feeling than we may think. That’s why doctors, using Latin, formed the word “psychosomatic”—it is a combination of the “psyche” (mind) and soma (body) working against each other.

Unfulfilled yearnings can lead to distress. One of our most basic needs and desires is to know God.

Seven year old, Andrew declared, “I have a space in me that only God can fill!” He obviously wasn’t talking about a physical space but a spiritual one.

The psalmist is expressing this same longing and desire in this psalm. His longing is for a dwelling in the house of God.

When we desire God and his presence, we are truly on a spiritual journey. When we find him, our mind and body can fully rest in him.


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