January 5th, 2012

RG AUDIO 010512Psalm 20

Nothing grows our faith, stimulates our passion, and increases our courage like victory. There can be no victory if there is no battle and no sacrifice. The conquests of life teach us that the greater the sacrifice, the greater the blessing.

In a nation where there are restrictions on religious witness and worship, a government controlled seminary permits selected students to study. In the mix, are three students who are cousins and are fourth generation offspring of great grandparents who evangelized the province extensively in pre-government restricted days. These three students are committed to God’s call to ministry. The family’s stories of sacrifice would fill a book and would put most of us under conviction in our lack of boldness for God. However, in that country more people are coming to Christ than in any other area of the world. God’s victories are won through sacrifice and in no other way.

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