Be Prepared

December 17th, 2011

RG AUDIO 121711Psalm 25

Be prepared! With this motto, Boy Scouts seek to be prepared for whatever may happen.

Since camping and hiking are the highlights of a Scout’s life, they are naturally prepared for a weekend outdoors. The scoutmaster generally does not give directions to the campsite. He wants the mature Boy Scouts to be prepared to show the way.

Steve joined Boy Scout Troop 109 and quickly learned to live by the “Be Prepared” motto. He bought a compass to use on his first camping trip, and older scouts showed him how to read a map. Swiftly, he became efficient at guiding others to campsites or along hiking trails. When it was time for the end of the summer camping trip, the Scout Master turned to Steve to find directions to the site.

Today, when we turn to God and read his Word, he will show us the way to live. God has given us the map, the Holy Bible. Are you prepared to follow God?

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