True Wisdom

December 1st, 2011

RG AUDIO 120111Psalm 111

You may have heard someone say, “I am not afraid to meet God. After all, I’m not as bad as many people, and better than most.” Years ago the cartoon characters Frank and Ernest were depicted standing in a long line at the pearly gates awaiting judgment, one said to the other, “I didn’t know this would be ‘pass-fail’!” The fear of the Lord, an awesome respect for his holiness and sovereign power, is the beginning of wisdom because without it all other so-called wisdom becomes vanity and foolish pride.

Sin entered our world when our first parents decided they knew better than God. They followed their desires rather than obey God’s clear command. We are always on dangerous ground when we ignore God’s word.

The psalmist pondered the great works of God and took delight in them. He saw God’s glorious and majestic deeds as well as God’s righteousness, compassion, and redemption. It would be smart to pay attention to such a holy and loving Lord. Even more, it would be wise.

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