A Glimpse Of Our Goal

November 30th, 2011


Isaiah 2:1-5

We gathered in darkness at the trailhead on the Fourth of July. We were determined to scale Long’s Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. As we set off, dawn began to break. The first point illuminated was our goal—the snow-covered summit of the 14,259-foot mountain. It stood out against an impossibly deep blue sky tantalizing us and drawing us upward.

“Come, let us go up the mountain of the Lord” (v. 3a). Of what mountain does the prophet speak? Some have suggested Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Others suggest that this mountain is the Church or the kingdom of God. A careful reading reveals that what is important is not where the mountain is located but who resides there. The people are not drawn to a place but to a person. People do not seek the mountain of the Lord or the Lord’s house because they are drawn to walk on its heights or gaze at the grandeur of its halls; they seek to be taught his ways, to walk his paths, to hear his word, experience his justice, and know his peace. It is the Holy Spirit who draws us upward toward Jesus Christ.


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