Stubborn Love

October 27th, 2011

RG102711Numbers 14:11-25

A full set of teeth marks could be seen on Eddy’s cheek. The church’s daycare director asked Eddy, “Who bit you on the cheek?” “Do I have to tell?” he responded. Eddy was one of those sweet kids from a great home and had been taught not to be a “tattler” and to love everyone. He finally said, “It was Sarah, but she probably didn’t mean it.”

The pastor was called in to deal with the situation. The pastor asked Eddy if he could forgive Sarah for what she had done. Eddy said, “I’m supposed to love everyone, even those who do bad things to me and to always forgive them. Yes, I forgive her.”

Sadly, this scenario was repeated several times that week. The pastor was overwhelmed with the situation but impressed with Eddy’s willingness to love and forgive. After one of these sessions when Eddy had pledged his forgiveness he added, “Pastor, I want her to stop it.” God does love us but expects us to stop sinning!


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