Law & Liberty

October 9th, 2011


Psalm 119: 17-24

People often think of the law as something restrictive, something that keeps us from enjoying a life of freedom and creativity. Like children, we often “push the envelope” to see how far we can go. Yet, without boundaries—without law—freedom is impossible.

Nonetheless, we must never compromise on the integrity and perfection of God or of his gracious ways with human beings. As Shaw Clifton says, we must recognize clearly that we must serve if we want to reign; we must yield if we want victory. We must be tied if we want freedom. We must dash to pieces the fake god of independence.

A kite might think it could kiss the very stars if only that hand would let it go! But cut the string, and see the kite crash to the ground! The hand that guides us is the hand that sustains us. Cut loose and we’re finished.

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