Uncommon Love

October 7th, 2011


Exodus 32:1-9

What would it be like to deliver a message written by God himself? I imagine myself, like Moses, grasping those heavy stone tablets with awe as I descend the mountain. In anger the tablets are broken, symbolic of the covenant broken by Israel’s idolatry.

God gave Moses a second opportunity to carry his Word to the disobedient Israelites. God had every right to turn his back on people who flagrantly rebelled against him. The Lord expressed again his determination to love them and be their God.

How often have I mishandled God’s Word, or let it fall to the ground instead of sharing it with someone who needed it? How often have I disregarded the message God sent, listening instead to some other voice?

Thank God he responds with patient love when we disregard or disappoint him.

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One Response to “Uncommon Love”

  1. June O'Shields Says:

    October 8th, 2011 at 12:05 am

    I thank our Lord for his mercy and grace. My husband after 29 years went to the Nazarene Church in Ventura. We took communion together. He gave me his and I gave mine to him. 2 weeks later he went to be with our saviour. He was obedient to Gods will and lead me to a most wonderful church family, filled with love and the spirit. Pastor Dan and his wife are so spirit filled. I love being a part of this congregation. It’s hard without my husband but Pastor Dan was right there with me helping me to understand the Lords Will Be Done. I am developing my own relationship as an obedient servant to christ.

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