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October 5th, 2011


Exodus 32:1-14

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“Moses must have been deeply disappointed to find the people so quickly turned to the worship of idols. His own brother even constructed the false god.

God’s anger burned against Israel, but Moses sought the favor of the Lord. It was not only the existence of Israel that stood in the balance; the promises of God to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob would fail. The Egyptians might believe God had only brought Israel out to destroy them. Moses was not telling God anything new. Nevertheless, at least one Israelite understood the gravity of the situation. God had set in motion a plan that would ultimately lead to salvation for all mankind through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

In wrath God would remember mercy. A way would be found.

Who will pray and strive for the salvation of others in our day? Who will intercede? Me? You?

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