Following Up

October 1st, 2011



Exodus 19:9-17

One of the fastest-growing academic pursuits today is in an area called “Leadership Studies.” Bookstores have entire sections dedicated to “Leadership.” People can learn about the leadership lessons from war heroes, politicians, business people, athletes, coaches, celebrities. There is even book on the management style of Jesus.

Almost every school in the world makes that claim that it is training the leaders of the next generation.

But simple math tells us that not all of the people who are getting leadership degrees and reading leadership books can be leaders. If all of them become leaders, who will be the followers? I would rather see degrees and books on discernment, so that we’ll know who can be trusted and who are the imposters. We need help in how to be better followers.

Let’s make sure to pray for our leaders, and pray for ourselves that we’ll know who and when to follow.


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