In The Current

September 30th, 2011


Exodus 19:1-8

When I was a Boy Scout growing up, we took lots of canoe trips. Some of the scouts had trouble staying in the middle of the canoe, so they had trouble staying dry. Others had trouble steering, so they went in a zigzag motion, from one shore to the opposite and back. One of the best lessons I learned in canoeing was to try to stay in the middle of the river’s current.

If you got too close to shore on either side, you ran the risk of getting beheaded by a low-hanging branch, or beached by shallow water, or, as happened to me one time, terrified at the site of a moose rising up from the water after grazing at the bottom of the river. I was sure it was just some branches partially submerged. When it rose into the sky, attached to a thousand-pound beast, I nearly had to resuscitate myself.

When God tells us to keep his commands, he’s telling us where the deeper, smoother water is for better living. They don’t restrict us—they free us.

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