Crawling or Standing

September 22nd, 2011


Exodus 15:1-8

Steve Wing tells a story from the early days of the United States. A traveler came to the Mississippi River at midwinter. Not finding a bridge and the night falling fast, he had no choice but to make his way across the ice. He was afraid though, because he had no idea if the ice was thick enough to support his weight. He decided to crawl, thereby distributing his weight as much as possible.

Slowly, tearfully, on his hands and knees, he was about half way over when he heard singing behind him. He carefully turned around and saw a man driving a horse-drawn load of coal over the ice, singing merrily as he went. The heavy wagon and horses soon whisked by where the man crawled.

How like us. We could stand on the solid rock of God’s promises. Unfortunately we too often fearfully creep along, fearful to trust them with the weight of our entire lives.

He is a God that you can stand on!

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