A Little Heaven

September 13th, 2011


Exodus 12:14-20

The children of Israel used leaven (or yeast) to make dough rise in preparation for baking. Every household had leavened dough. When the dough was being prepared, a lump of the leavened dough was held back from the baking. When new dough was required, it was added and the lump became leavened as the yeast spread through the new dough.

When the children of Israel fled Egypt, God directed them to take unleavened bread. Every year afterward, they were to remember God’s provision in freeing them from Egypt through the celebration of the Passover feast during which they were to eat only unleavened bread and get rid of all remaining leaven.

Paul used this example to encourage the Corinthians to clean out the “old leaven” in the church. He was referring to the old leaven of “malice and immorality” that seemed to continue to ferment and expand under the surface. The old leaven needed to be thrown out so that the church could be leavened by the new leaven of “sincerity and truth.”

Is it time in your life for new leaven?


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