God With Us

August 6th, 2011

RG AUDIO 080611I Kings 8:54-61

A child’s peal of laughter and exclamation, “Do it again!” indicates many things. These sounds tell us of a relationship of joy, trust, and some measure of history. It indicates a desire for the relationship to continue on.

When we pray we join a host of others who pray. This does not mean our voices are creating a senseless cacophony. Rather it is a crescendo of longing, interceding, praise, and joy offered to the God who listens. The first indication of God’s commitment to be “God-with-us” is God’s dedication to listening and responding to our prayers.

Solomon recounts the history of God’s care and promises throughout the generations. In this community gathering he calls the people to offer praises to God, giving thanks for all the ways God has shown his steadfast love. This reclaiming of history is for the purpose of pointing the people forward.

Solomon calls the people to be faithful to a God who keeps promises. The prayer turns toward the ongoing need to receive God’s mercies, grace, and provision. We ask God to “do it again!” with the confidence of a well loved child.


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