My Loved One

August 2nd, 2011

RG AUDIO 080211Romans 9:19-33

When we hear the word chosen we assume this also means someone is not chosen. Romans chapter 9 stretches our notion of what it means to be chosen for grace and love. This work of mercy becomes an ever widening circle (shockingly so to the original reader) stretching to include the Gentiles. As one professor encouraged me to see, “When you are looking for the edges of God’s love know the circle has been drawn to include you.” No people group is outside of God’s gracious purposes.

A woman in one of my churches had spent time in utter rebellion against the life of God. This rebellion was not because of her rejection of God but because at one point she was convinced by some experiences that she was not chosen by God. Overtime God continued to reveal his grace and love to her. I give thanks that the circle of God’s love includes her and each of us as well.

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