Changing Stations

July 23rd, 2011

RG AUDIO 072311

Matthew 24:15-28

How often I have ridden the MTA Boston subway trains, waiting in the dingy shabbiness of their archaic stations! If lucky, you might settle on a hard bench and gaze down the platform, patiently, expectantly. Children clutch mothers; teens huddle in coven-like clusters; the poor, the mentally disturbed, and the anxious comingle.

Then without signal or warning, the crowd steps forward, positioning themselves in anticipation that the train is about to arrive. We all sense it. What so moves us?

One can feel the slight movement of the air, a hint of vibration, all so subtle but certain. The “Approach” is about to happen.

As Christians, we’ve lived in that anticipation, feeling the hint of breeze. We crave that moment when the headlights of the train round the corner, the jolts of electricity powering the raucous movement of the train, and Christ returns to whisk us off to a better station.


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