Hell Is Destined to Lose

July 19th, 2011

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Romans 8:28-39

Joseph was down and out, glorious teenage dreams of honor and respect shattered. From the moment he strutted around in his poly-colored cloak, his brothers sought to do him in. It was downhill from that moment on!

First, it was attempted murder, then the pits, then slavery, then a moral’s accusation, and now the dungeon, forgotten by man and God. The fire of the dream seemed cruelly extinguished.

Forgotten? No way, not by God!

In Genesis 45:2, after meeting his brothers, he weeps so loud that the entire palace can hear. Is it over his sinfulness? No! Is it nostalgia over a stressful reunion with his brothers? I don’t think so!

Rather, I believe that at that “Aha” moment, he saw, perhaps for the first time, God’s guiding hand in retrospect.

If we are obedient, and hang onto the tether of faith in difficult, even horrid, circumstances, we can still be confident knowing that God is for us, and all hell is destined to lose.

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