Working With The Spirit

July 11th, 2011

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Romans 8:1-8

George had the best garden I have ever seen. Having been raised on a farm, he loved watching things grow. A large section of land behind his home had been converted into a place for vegetables and flowers. No weed survived long. From early morning until late afternoon he tended his garden faithfully. George loved God. He saw himself as a person working with God. He did not create the seed. He did not create the soil. He did not send the sunshine or the rain. But he cooperated with God in his creation. The result was a beautiful and productive garden.

Our minds are like a garden. If we want the Spirit to control our minds, we have to work with the Spirit. We have to fill our minds with good things, especially the Scripture. When the Spirit points out something that doesn’t belong in our mind, we must respond immediately. As we work with him he will do things we could never do on our own.

Is your mind focused on what the Spirit desires?


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