Jesus Is Dangerous

June 20th, 2011

RG AUDIO 062011

Romans 3:21-31

Jesus isn’t for everyone. Now that I have your attention…Jesus is transformational. You can’t be with him and live the same life. So then, Jesus is dangerous. When we ask him to come into our lives, often we’re not fully aware of what that means. We want him to “fix” us with some sort of magic wand. Then the reality of life and its struggles reawaken us to our limits. Soon our strength and resolve fades and we’re left wondering what happened. Where did Jesus go? Sadly, not everyone seeks after a holy heart. The truth is that the Spirit of God dwells in the hearts of those who allow him residence.

Righteousness is an attribute of God. He alone has the power to bring us into this “right-ness.” So it’s true that Jesus is dangerous. He authors our lives and that is dangerous to the one who needs control. Will you let him rearrange the furniture?

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