He Is Near

June 1st, 2011

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Acts 22:30-23:11

Paul had gone with some fellow Jews to participate in the right of purification. Paul was seen talking to a Gentile believer, and some erroneously believed he had brought the Greek into the sacred area reserved for Jews only. This, along with a mischaracterization of Paul’s ministry, resulted in a riot that required Roman military intervention.

Paul spent that night in Roman custody. The next day Paul was taken by the Roman commander to meet with the Jewish High Priest and Sanhedrin. While there Paul was assaulted. His words resulted in another violent argument. This argument reached the point where the Roman commander feared for Paul’s life. Once again he was placed in protective custody; that night, “the Lord stood near Paul” (v. 11).

In our danger and fear God is near. He will not forsake or abandon his own. Paul had a mission to fulfill, and it would not end in Jerusalem but in Rome.


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