Encourage One Another

April 27th, 2011


Luke 14:1-6

Dropsy, an old name for a type of edema, is an “abnormal collection of fluid in the tissues, cavities, and joints of the body causing swelling.”* When Jesus saw a man afflicted with this disease, he saw his discomfort and his suffering. Compassion tugged at Jesus’ heart. His desire was to reach out and free the man from his bondage. First, however, feeling their penetrating stares and scrutiny, Jesus felt compelled to “set the stage” for the skeptical Pharisees before he healed the sick man. Put in their place, the “hypocrites” said nothing. Yet, they were an obstacle to Jesus’ original plan and timing.

The Sabbath is a day for compassion for others, for lifting their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual burdens. Let’s not be a stumbling block, hindering God’s plan. Instead, let’s help fulfill God’s plan and have compassion on those around us. Let’s lift up one another, especially as we see the Lord’s return approaching.


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