She Met Jesus

April 26th, 2011


Luke 13:10-17

The little Jewish lady shuffled to the synagogue in the scorching sun. Her back was so bent she could barely look up. In spite of her 18-year infirmity, she faithfully made her pilgrimage. And on this particular Sabbath, her life changed forever! You see, this was the day she met Jesus. She was healed!

The synagogue ruler was livid! How dare anyone be healed on the Sabbath! “Six days are work days,” he ranted. “Come on one of the six if you want to be healed. Do not come on the Sabbath.” But Jesus countered, “You frauds! Every Sabbath you take your animals from the stall and lead them to water. Doesn’t this daughter of Abraham have a right to be loosed from the ‘stall’ by which Satan has bound her for eighteen years?” (Luke 13:14-16, author’s paraphrase).

Jesus was exemplifying a Sabbath principle. We are to love, serve, and do good to others on the Sabbath and every day. Let’s follow his example.

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