Willingness To Stretch

April 19th, 2011


Luke 12:49-59

Jesus didn’t come to bring ease and comfort. He brought a model of radical obedience to his Father. This obedience was not easy. Our distress usually comes from issues of the world. His distress was directly tied to acts of radical obedience. Jesus knew he would be stretched beyond his own ability. Jesus reminds us that Christianity is not an “easy believism.” It is a lifestyle where we are willing to be stretched beyond our own comfort because we listen to God.

I remember walking through urban projects in Chicago during my college years. In my humanness, I was scared to death. I prayed, “To live is Christ and to die is gain. Lord, even to the point of death, I am willing to follow you.” That prayer was the beginning of an exciting journey. I have been stretched beyond my ability as I seek God’s heart for the poor of the world. How is God speaking to you about being stretched?

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