Dealing With Truth

April 13th, 2011


Luke 20:9-19

Did you know that God wants us more than we want him? Jesus shows us this truth through a parable. A man made his vineyard available for others to rent. He had some expectations of how the tenants would respond. He tried again and again to deal fairly with them, but his attempts were met with abuse and rejection. Finally he sent his son, the one he loved. Surely someone of his stature would bring respect. They killed him.

The crowd was troubled: “This isn’t right.” The religious leaders were furious: “This is about us.”
These two responses lead us in different directions. When confronted with the truth, some say, “This isn’t right,” and they seek to correct it. Others don’t want to deal with the truth. They can create a flurry of activity to focus on something else in order to avoid dealing with it.

God wants us more than we want him, but that can change. We can embrace the Son he loves and walk in the ways he shows us.


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