What’s In Front Of You?

April 8th, 2011


Luke 18:31-43

The forecast is bleak. A terrifying storm is brewing. Jesus tells his disciples what is on the radar screen: “Mock . . . insult . . . spit . . . flog . . . kill.” But the long-range forecast shows an incredible change: “On the third day he will rise again.”

The disciples don’t understand, but their attention is brought back to the present. A man with a need sits alongside the road. The blind beggar inquires about the commotion. “It’s Jesus,” someone tells him. He lifts his voice. He’s good at begging for money; today he pleads for mercy.

The gathering storm clouds don’t cause Jesus to ignore this hope-filled cry. This man’s life is a blizzard of cold despair. Jesus shines warm sunlight into his darkened life and eyes.

Mother Teresa was asked how to deal with the overwhelming need in the world. Her reply was, “You do the thing that’s in front of you.”* That’s what Jesus did.


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