The Challenging Christ

April 1st, 2011


Luke 19:11-27

Some might see the passage, “Well done, my good servant,” as a reward of faithfulness; others as the curse of responsibility. However, I see a challenge from Christ for continual growth. A personal growth plan is a rewarding experience. At the start of a new year, I select 12 books I want to read for personal growth. This project is necessary for me to remain a lifelong learner.

As we grow in our personal walk with Christ, the changes will no doubt be noticed by others. Companies promote employees who learn new ways to improve and continuously grow in the job. Christians also change and grow in their intimate relationship with Christ, coming closer to his image.

As we become more Christlike, our motives are purer, our disciplines are easier, and our personal agendas fade. With a spiritual improvement plan, growth happens because we are guided by the Holy Spirit.
It is Christ’s desire for us to be growing Christians.

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