Fresh Is Better

March 24th, 2011


Luke 8:1-15

Jesus was the greatest story teller and a model word illustrator. His stories encapsulated mysteries that only bloomed in those with good heart soil. The Scriptures refer to these word seeds as parables. A parable is like a stalk of corn. One must be willing to shuck the husk, remove the silk, and hand-pick the remaining hairs to enjoy the nugget of truth.

I’ve observed many broken lives among grown adults. They would only shuck the husk and conclude that was enough. As if to say, “It’s just too much work getting to the nugget. I’ll just survive on frozen or canned. Fresh can’t be that much better.”

Jesus has already given us boundless opportunities to accept or reject the mysteries of the kingdom. Jesus has chosen to make the tiny garden of your heart his arena of influence. Is your heart a hardened path or rocky road? What needs to happen to make it good soil?

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