Forever Love

March 23rd, 2011


Luke 7:36-50

Why was the woman carrying expensive perfume on a busy street in Luke 7? Could it relate to her occupation? Prostitution?

She “learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisee’s house” (v. 37a). Weary from work, yet craving a pure love not found on the street, she respectfully tiptoed into Simon’s house. Overwhelmed by the presence of Jesus, she burst into tears. Embarrassed by the muddy mess her weeping made on his dusty feet, she dropped her hair and toweled them dry. What normally would have been seen as sensual on her part was now, in fact, an act of servanthood. Realizing she had overstepped her boundaries, she opened her alabaster jar of perfume, not to prepare his body for burial (too soon for that) but to anoint his feet from her impulsive kisses.

Her faith saved her life, and, in addition, she found the love she had been craving. Not a one-night-stand, but a forever love.

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