Which Coming?

March 16th, 2011


Luke 12:35-48

The purpose of the gospels is to convince listeners that in Christ, God has come to save. Luke keeps finding stories about being ready–slaves with lamps awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom, faithful managers left in charge of the farm, and servants entrusted with talents. Could it be these parables were for those who weren’t aware of the first coming of the Christ?

When we read these stories, our present concern is readiness for the coming of the second coming of Christ. In a time when we’re busy with every imaginable thing, and our to-do lists are longer than the hours in the day, it is hard to stay focused.

But what if the text calls us to be ready for every coming of Christ? The risen Lord is always showing up in places and ways we never expected. Maybe the text is about every coming of the Christ. Once we get used to seeing him, we’ll always be looking for his coming.


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