Are You Afraid Yet?

March 15th, 2011


Luke 12:22-34

I take great comfort in knowing that the thing God says to us the most is, “Do not be afraid.” It must mean that the people of God are afraid a lot, or else there would be no reason for God to keep repeating this same line so much.

For the disciples in Luke 12, it is clear to me why they would need to hear this. Jesus has been called Beelzebub, the Pharisees are figuring how to take him out, John has lost his head to the executioner’s axe, and Jesus has just finished talking about those who have authority to kill them. Then he reminds them not to be afraid because, like the sparrows that God never forgets, their hairs are also numbered as unforgettable by God. Then Jesus suggests that they sell all their goods and invest themselves in a kingdom that nobody can see. Who’s afraid?

We are. Because this amazing journey of faith is unsettling in every way. If it doesn’t unnerve you, you might be in the wrong story.

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