An Irresistible Invitation

March 5th, 2011


Psalm 96:1-13

Everyone tries to do what they believe they must do. Many do what they believe they ought to do. None of us appear to do all that we could do. This applies to all of life, from getting exercise to saving for retirement, even worship.
People say, “I know I ought to go to church more,” “pray more,” “have devotions,” “read my Bible more,” on and on. All seem ready to admit they could do better, but why don’t we?

Psalm 96 invites everyone to “sing” and “proclaim” a new song in praise to God’s name among all nations, because the Lord “is most worthy of praise.” When we recognize God’s true majesty, strength, and glory our only response can be to worship the Lord “in the splendor of his holiness” (v. 9).

When we clearly focus on who God is, ascribing “the glory due his name,” then worship is something we must do.


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