Righteous Reflectors

February 11th, 2011


Ephesians 5:3-20

Light and darkness are complete opposites sharing nothing in common. We either live in darkness, or we are in the light. The Bible tells us that when we do not know God, we are still in that night of darkness and cannot see the light. When we come to him and receive his Son as our Savior, we walk in obedience to him, and we are in the light and become the light to those around us.

Psalm 18:28 tells us that God turns our darkness into light. In Luke 11:33, Jesus tells us that our light cannot be hidden, but is to be held up for all to see. He also commands us to see to it that the light within us is not darkness (v. 35).

This obedience and love for God, which we are outwardly living day by day, allows others to see his light in us. As his lights in this world, we are called to share his love and Word with others (Acts 26:18).

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