Covered By The Blood

February 8th, 2011


1 John 2:1-11

A friend of mine was an Iraqi soldier during the war between Iran and Iraq. He and many of his fellow soldiers were captured by the Iranian army. Later it was decided they were to be executed. The Iraqi soldiers were lined up against a wall across from Iranian soldiers.

As the bullets bombarded my friend and his comrades, they began falling dead to the ground. My friend realized, amazingly, that not one bullet had hit him. He saw he was covered with the blood of his companions so he fell to the ground along with them. Alive and unharmed, when the opportunity came, he ran away to safety.
Jesus’ blood now covers him. It is wonderful to know that the Lord gives this to everyone when they ask him. Because of this atonement–Jesus took upon himself the suffering for our sins–we are forgiven and are able to enter the kingdom of God.

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